Palmer & Company

Relaxing in Muskoka Chairs

from Mark Palmer

After 23 years of running Palmer & Company, and 34 years in the executive search business, I have decided to retire and close our executive search practice. This has been a difficult decision, but the timing seems appropriate as I will be turning 63 this year and I still have a few more rounds of golf in me. I also plan to write more books, having written two last year (“Confessions of a Headhunter”, and “Family Allowances in Canada: The Origins and Implementation”) each published by Trafford Publishing. I have entertained a number of recent offers to sell my search practice, but I declined because I did not really have the appetite for a three year earn-out.

As I reflect on my over 30 years in executive recruitment, I realized that I have worked within virtually every sector of the economy, and undertaken over 1,000 searches primarily at the executive and senior functional levels. I have served over 700 different clients, almost all of whom have been a privilege to work for. I also feel honoured to have worked with a fantastic team, including our Research Directors, Amy Oliveira and Tuula Kalkiainen, our Office Manager, Colleen Gambier, and our Executive Assistant, Nancy Johnston.

To provide you with some business continuity, I can highly recommend an executive search firm called Waterhouse Executive Search. This firm undertakes assignments at the same level as us, and I am impressed with their professionalism, integrity, strong work ethic, attention to detail and results-orientation. I can state with complete confidence that you will be very well-served by this firm, including Jon Stungevicius for whom I have a very high regard. You can reach Jon at:
» 416-214-9233 (office), or
» 416-419-7710 (cell), or
» [email protected] (email)

Our Research Director, Amy Oliveira, has joined this firm as a Researcher, and she brings over 10 years of working with our firm and an intimate knowledge of each of our clients. She has been an integral part of our search process.

John's Desk Open for Business

from John Palmer

For the past 13 years, palmerco e-mail addresses have been used by two businesses and their clients and counterparties. The first is Palmer & Company Executive Recruitment. The second is John Palmer, who provides advice on financial and financial regulatory matters.

As the accompanying notice indicates, Palmer & Company will cease to carry on active business as of July 1, 2014, as its proprietor, Mark Palmer, rides off into the sunset to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. John Palmer, however, is not riding off anywhere, and remains open for business. Please continue to use the palmerco e-mail address to contact John Palmer. Alternatively, you may wish to use the “Contact Us” section located on John's new website.